Small but Mighty


In honor of Small Business Saturday next week, I’d like to recognize some of my favorite small shops to get amazing Disney products from! Of course we all the love the things that Shop Disney comes out with as well as all of the merch you can find in the parks, but nothing beats a pair of ears or a cute pin made magical by the hands of its crafter! In this edition (there will be another featuring all ear shops TBA) I will be introducing you to FIVE amazing small shops that I discovered through my Disney family on Instagram!

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To start us off is my absolute favorite shop to buy bows for my Apple Watch, Mouse On Main Street! I’ve purchased both bows and pins from this shop and the quality is great, packaging is adorable and their customer service rocks. This shop is run by Marnie and Aleksa, two sweet and creative people! They not only put a lot of effort and time into their Etsy shop, they also work hard to bring us some awesome content and products on Instagram. They’re even sweet enough to feature their customers pictures and they always take us along on their journey through everyday life. Not only can you purchase Apple Watch bows from them, you can also purchase bows for your Magic Band or even your hair! With a HUGE selection of over 300 bows and many new designs coming all the time, there really is an option for everyone, especially with their amazingly low prices!


The next shop I’ll be featuring is filled with super cute and high quality cozies, Happily Ever Cozies! Getting magic mail is never more exciting without a package from Liz! She sprinkles just the right amount of pixie dust into her packages and tops it off with the cutest confetti pieces, not to mention the actual packaging she uses is always so bright and colorful. I can attest that her cozies are better than some of the competitors in terms of quality. Being a crocheter myself, I know how stitches should look and come together and Liz flawlessly creates each cozie special for its new home. Liz definitely has the fastest shipping I’ve ever seen from an Etsy shop and as you can tell from my ravings about her packaging, she doesn’t let her speed affect her product. These are perfect stocking stuffers for the holidays coming up, especially because there’s an option for those in your life who aren’t huge Disney lovers! Liz has options from Disney, to fall, to Christmas and Starbucks! Like I said, something for everyone!


Now, don’t think that the order I introduce these in means I love some more than others! This next shop has really unique products that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else on Etsy, The Mouse Spa! Breanna creates great smelling bath products that help you relax while still getting your Disney on. From bath salts, to scrubs and bath bombs these luscious products transport you to your favorite place in the parks and remind you of your favorite characters. Breanna wraps her products with love and makes each products fresh for you when you order it, so you don’t miss out on any of the fantastic scents. When looking at her prices, I can’t help but be surprised! Going to a big store like Bath and Body Works can cost you a pretty penny and their products can often smell of chemicals, but buy from The Mouse Spa and you’ll only get the best. Her bath bombs would make the cutest stocking stuffers and her scrubs and salts already come pre-packaged, so that saves you the hassle of wrapping it!


Now the next shop would make THE BEST stocking stuffers of 2018, but I may be biased, Shimmering Splendid! At least they’d make the best stocking stuffers for those who frequent Starbucks and bring Disney everywhere with us like I do. This adorable little shop is run by Alexandra and it contains possibly the cutest 3D printed products I’ve come across on Etsy. Her most popular products are her 3D printed straw buddies! These little buddies go onto your straw and can match perfectly with some cozies from Happily Ever Cozies 😉 These are not only cute, but also affordable and subtle if you’re worried your Disney crazy is showing too much in public. Alexandra also has recently added Magical Tree Buddies for the holiday season, to help spruce up your tree! If you’d rather show your Disney spirit on your head than your cup, she also offers 3D printed ears, which are beautifully adorned with handmade bows and floral pieces as well. As we all know that ears can cost us our weeks paychecks, seeing that Shimmering Splendid charges less than $30 for their ears makes us scream “Shut up and take my money!”

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Last, but certainly not least, is my favorite European based shop, Hannah Marie Magic! Although they don’t have an Etsy shop, they have their own beautifully designed website to hold all of her creations. For the rest of this year she won’t be accepting any more orders, but her recent RTS sale on holiday ears had me reeling! I was lucky enough to snag a pair of her beautiful wreath and jingle bells ears and they shipped really fast for being sent from a different country! She has a huge selection of ears in her shop from Pixar to classic Mickey and Minnie ears, you’ll be left having to choose between 20 pairs! Not to mention most of her ears are $30 or less, which won’t take up too much of your snack budget. Don’t fret about ugly magic mail either (is there even such a thing?) her products are wrapped in glittering packaging and sent with Tink’s best pixie confetti and glitter! Hannah Marie Magic also offers magical outfits and ears to match! These outfits are perfect to Disneybound your favorite Disney Princesses on a beautiful day at the park or even to a costume party!


Now that I’ve shown you the way to some of the greatest small Disney shops, go get your shop on!


The Honest Millennial, making Christmas shopping easier since late 2018 😉


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